Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So it begins with the past... here is where I have been... which brings me to where I am...

Deborah Naudé
Just the help you need…

I began my Event career at the USO of Metropolitan New York where I worked on large scale events for the Service men and women. Each year I managed Fleet Week aboard the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Yes, throughout my years at the USO I worked the piers and boarded many Naval ships welcoming the Fleet to Manhattan.

From the USO I moved onto The New York Philharmonic where I honed my skills with more niche events. At “the Phil” I ran Corporate Fundraising Events, the Opening Night Gala and Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic events. Here I worked with top Social and Corporate Leaders in the New York area.

In this role I learned how to expect much from my vendors. Many forget that the Phil is a not for profit so spending top dollar is not acceptable but yet the look and feel for the audience must be just that, top notch.  I have continued this thread through my career and continue with this knowledge today. From concept to reconciliation following the event I did it.

From the Phil I moved on to Time Warner Inc. thanks to the Chairman and CEO at that time who was also a Board Member at the Phil. At Time Warner I worked with the Board of Directors, Board of Directors Dinners and Executive Forums, the Annual Shareholders meeting and all Subsidiary CEO Events. This brought me national exposure where prior to this I worked in New York City.

From Time Warner Inc. I stayed within the company but took a position with Global exposure at Fortune Magazine. Here I ran events at the CEO, CIO, COO, CFO level. Working with Heads of State, a variety of Government leaders and corporate leaders to bring the pages of Fortune Magazine to life. Creating brand extension while providing a venue for Global Leaders to create greater synergies.

My greatest experience at this time was producing the Fortune Global Forum special side meeting with the top 50 Global CEO’s in Beijing China. This meeting was with President Jiang Zeming and Premier Zhu Rongji and a highlight in my career.

I then created my own event firm called Event Representation & Production. I considered this company a “virtual company” of sorts. Which, like today, I bring in experts to the event who report into me who I organize and manage as needed. I always used and use tried and true… since I believe “I am only as good as my last event”.
I also represented other companies who would use me on the ground while holding their business card.

I found myself on plane more then not or out of the country for weeks at a time.

I stopped producing events (that I was paid for) when I had my children. Though since I love events… I found myself volunteering to take on fundraising events or plan someone’s honeymoon. Not to mention what I put into both my daughter’s events!

Now, with both my children in school I am back! Though with a twist!!

I started Just the help you need… when I became aware of many the people around me stressing over their own family and / or company  events and I thought...  I can help!

I now use my experience with a manageable amount of clients AND charge a reasonable amount that would be a win from the client and a win for me for doing what I love.

I know what people charge!
I know what I used to charge!

Now my goal is to continue with what I know best and do what I did for my high end social and corporate clients but for less.

I always save my clients more money then they spend on my fee.

Funny enough when I guided my staff through events since 1992 I would always tell them, “Never forget we are the help”. Twenty years later, here I am, the help, at

Just the help you need…

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