Thursday, September 26, 2013


The art of writing a thank you note is not lost.

The other day, following up on a Sweet 16 event, I was handed a beautifully constructed thank you note from the birthday girl. A perfectly delicate pink fold over card with an almost slate gray type. Short and simple a thank you...

In truth; hand written, emailed, via text -- it does not matter --  this gesture of acknowledgement goes a long way.

For tangible ... passed hand to hand thank you note stationary... work with your invitation contact, go on or just take a look through Marshals, TJs and Homegoods. There are endless thank-you-note-stationary options for you, your family and your children. There is a style for every person and at a price for every price range.

In my 20's I had the most fabulous Cartier Stationary. I used each card wisely. I remember when I bought it... Ralph Destino was the Chairman and CEO at Cartier and my dear friend Gretchen from the Philharmonic was working for him and I was given a wonderful "friends and family discount".

Cartier circa the 1990's

As you can see from the photo above I still have a piece.

Here, years later, while writing about thank you notes this stationary came to mind. I thought, maybe I still have one or two pieces. Clearly I do!

Which means, this paper moved through two apartments in Manhattan and then to my second home in New Jersey. Funny the random things that move with us.

Now, older and wiser, my personal, non-professional notes are below. They are fun and bright... and well.. my style!

I did purchase them at another well known shop that has a capital 'C' in it's name... similar to Cartier. 

The Christmas Tree Shop! 

There is no less appreciation through my $2.99 for ten cards stationary then there was with my Cartier stationary. 

In the end... it is all about the words. The appreciation. The thank you.

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