Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Smart, threaded through your event, decor is the way to go. 

Bathrooms don't need to be bland - but they can be simple and smart. 

Use professionals, but use them wisely!

Socks being handed out by your DJ? Give them in a smart, in theme box. Keep the theme up front and fresh... Then use the box at home for years to come!
Make your guests smile when they find the unexpected.... 

Take simple items like this box... hand stencil your theme ...
add your logo and you have perfection.

Look for items in the most random of places like a ski tote ear plug holder from a $1 bin at Staples. Consider photocopied menu cards.

Use restraint... 
Add value to your event... 
Your guests will comment on such smart fun ideas
 and you will not have to over spend like days gone by!

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